Hello world!

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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Oh My GOD!!! Adek gue punya bakat nulis yang sungguh sangat amat luar biasa! You’re a genius dek.. anyway, yang memberi nama Wahyu itu, GUE!! Gueee…!! a.k.a kakakmu yang cantik, baik hati, tidak sombong, dermawan, suka menabung, rajin membantu ibu seperti budi (PPKn :p), dan sangat menyayangi adiknya (ngarep dapet credit :p).

    One day, when i was (almost) 5 years old, mom asked me.. ‘If u had a brother, what would you him?’. I kept on silent for a while, and i answered “Wahyu” :p But well, nothing is coincidence ey? its Faith I guess. So, totally agree with your statement dek.. You were born to be an ispiration for your surrounding. Keep posting dek, Zuppa Proud *hug* Please visit me at Malaysia, I miss u like hell (ups). Take care, and yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY adekku yg selalu sukses membuat saya terintimidasi (candaaa :p)

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